Bible Flashcards

Review Due Verses

Select the darker 'Flashcard' symbol in toolbar at the bottom of the 'Due' verse list.

All verses that are due for review queue up as flashcards. The number of cards is shown in brackets.

When you see the first reference, try to say its passage out loud. Use the microphone symbol if you would like to record your attempt.

After saying the passage, tap on the card to flip it over. If you recorded your attempt, it will now play back for you to check.

Did you say the passage correctly? If so, fling (swipe) the card up, and the verse will move to the list of the remembered verses.

If you did not make it, fling it down. Thus, the verse stays in the 'Due' list and will queue up for review again next time.

Tapping on the card again brings its reference back. You can skip a card by flinging it to the left.

Reference Quiz

Select lighter 'flashcard' symbol from either the 'Due' or 'Known' list to start the reference quiz.

Verses are randomly picked from the list. You can set the number in Remember Me's settings ('Quiz Length').

When a passage shows up, try to say its reference.

The number of cards to go is shown in brackets.

Tap on the card to see the correct answer.

If you said it correctly, fling (swipe) the card up, otherwise fling it down.

Cards that are flung down will appear again, so you can repeat and learn the matching reference.

Again, you can skip a card by flinging it to the left.

When you are done, the last card appears indicating that the quiz is finished.

Tap on it to return to the list view.