Add a Label to a Bible Memory Verse

If you would like to group some of your verses, e.g. to a certain subject, you can add them to a set. You will find this option in a verse's context menu ('Sets').

Check the boxes of the sets you would like to add your verse to. If the set does not exist yet, tick [new set].

Type a name for your new set. If you want to add a verse to an existing set, type the name of the existing set. Autocompletion helps you to find the right name.

Tapping on OK adds the verse to the new set.

Select a Label

You can display the verses of a single set by selecting 'Select' or the corresponding icon (triangle upside down) from the main menu.

'Select' lists the available sets below the bar. (The items above the bar are the available collections).

Select a set to display the verses of that set exlusively in all lists. The name of the selected set is shown in the title bar.

Remove a Label From a Bible Memory Verse

To remove a verse from a set select 'Sets' from its context menu and uncheck the set's box.

Delete a Label

When all verses are removed from a set, the set is deleted automatically.