Your verses are organized in lists. The verses in the 'New' list have been added but you have not memorized them yet. The verses in the 'Due' list have been memorized but are due for review. The 'Known' list contains the verses that are memorized and do not need any action for the time being.

The 'New' List

Newly added verses appear in the 'New' list. If you want to memorize a new verse, you can either begin while it is in the 'New' list (see Practice) or you can move it to the 'Due' list first and start from there. To move a verse to the 'Due' list tap on 'Edit' and choose the verses you wish to commit and press the right arrow to move the verse to the next list right, i.e. 'Due'.

The 'Due' List

This is where lists due to be reviewed will appear - either because you just committed them from the 'New' list or because their time in the 'Known' list is up.

Use flashcards (see Flashcards) to review the due verses.

The 'Known' List

This list gives you an overview of what you have accomplished.

The bar on the left indicates how well you remember each verse. The higher the level, the more often the verse has been successfully reviewed. The number on the right tells you when the verse will show up for review.

Use the time until remembered verses move back to the 'Due' list to memorize new verses (see Review Frequency). If you do not want to wait, however, tap on 'Edit' and choose the verses you wish to move to 'Due' and press the left arrow to move the verses to the next list left, i.e. 'Due'.

Now you can force the verse back to the 'Due' list to review it immediately.

Change the Sort Order

You can change a list's sort order in Remember Me's settings. Or just tap on the 'A-Z' button.

Each list can be ordered by reference or by topic. The 'Due' list and the 'Known' list can also be ordered by date or by level.