Web Synchronization

Add Bible Memory Verses on Website

Use your pc or laptop's internet browser and enter the address of Remember Me's web interface (my.remem.me). If you do not have an account yet, you can register for free.

Remember your username and password. You will need them to set up your Android device.

As soon as you are logged in, you can add and edit Bible memory verses.

Just click on 'Add' button to open the editor.

Fill in the fields and click on one of the 'Save' buttons.

Another way of adding new Bible verses is to import one of the Bible memory collections that other users have published.

To get an overview of what you have added, click on 'All'.

Set up Android Device for Synchronization

In Remember Me's menu, choose 'Account'. Enter your username and password (same as on the web interface).

If you have not registered on the website yet, you can do that from the app as well. Enter your e-mail address and press 'Create Account'.

Start Synchronization

The synchronization process begins automatically (if 'Automatic Sync' is activated in the app's settings). If you want to start it manually, choose 'Synchronize' (or the equivalent icon) from the main menu.

A notification in the status bar indicates that the Bible memory verses on the Android device are being synchronized with the verses on the web site and vice versa.

After synchronization, the verses you entered on the web interface are ready for use on your device, and the Bible verses on your device are backed up on Google's servers.