Bible Study methods

If you want to practice a certain Bible verse, open its context menu (long press or click on the three dots next to it) and choose 'Practice Verse'.

This starts an activity that helps you to memorize the Bible scripture little by little. You can obfuscate it and fill in the gaps, play a puzzle, type, or learn the Bible memory verse word by word and line by line.


Obfuscation is a good starting point for memorizing a Bible scripture. Tap the button several times to hide some of the words.

A short press hides a group of words, a long press hides a single word.

Try to fill in the gaps. If you don't remember a word, you can get a hint by tapping on the placeholder.


Another way to tackle a Bible memory verse is the puzzle. Your task is to assemble the Bible scripture from the given words.

The Bible puzzle offers you a selection for the next word in the Bible memory verse. The highlighted word is the one that is currently selected. If you shove the selection to the left or to the right, the selected word changes together with the highlighted word in the Bible scripture. This might help you to imagine what the passage would look like if the selected word were the next word in the passage.

When you think the selected word is the correct continuation of the Bible memory verse, tap on it. (You can also tap on a word directly, without selecting it first.) If it is the right word, it is added to the Bible scripture and the highlighting disappears. At the same time, Remember Me prepares the selection for the next word.

If you have chosen a wrong word, nothing happens. Try a different word.

If you would like to have less or more words to choose from, you can change the number of items in Remember Me's settings ('Puzzle Items').

After playing the Bible puzzle for several times you will get a sense for the sequence of the words and you can move on to memorizing the Bible scripture without the help of puzzle items.


Type the first letter of the next word. The red or green box at the bottom of the screen indicates if you have typed the correct letter.

If you need a hint, press the space bar. The dot key (.) toggles the placeholders on and off. The comma key (,) toggles between displaying all placeholders or just the next line.

Word by Word / Line by Line

Try to say the next word/line of the Bible memory verse and press the button to see if you got it right. If the lines are too long, use the editor to divide them.

Go on with the next word/line. Repeat this procedure until you can say all parts correctly. When you are finished, press your Android device's 'back' button to return to the lists.

Remember Me can show placeholders or the first letters of the words as a hint. Click on the button with the question mark to toggle through the different options. A long press toggles between displaying all hints or just the next line.

If you want to practice the Bible reference with the passage, make sure this option is activated in the settings.


You can change the font in the settings.