Review Frequency

When you have remembered a verse for the first time, the verse moves to the 'Known' list for one day. When you have remembered it for the second time, it will stay there for two days. After the third time, it takes four days, then eight and so on.

If you have not remembered a verse, it stays in the 'Due' list and loses all previous progress. Learn it again (see Practice) and review it again (see Lists or Flashcards). After successfully reviewing it, it will show up again after 1 day, 2 days, 4 days, 8 days and so on.

This review system makes sure you review difficult verses often but do not forget the easy ones, either.

You can increase or decrease the review frequency in Remember Me's settings.

However, do not try to review all your verses every day. It is no use reviewing well known verses that you have already reviewed yesterday, and it might prevent you from memorizing new ones.