Press Release: Swiss Army Knife of Scripture Memorization

ZURICH, Switzerland, December 20th, 2014 - A Swiss pastor has created an app that offers a comprehensive set of tools to tackle Bible memorization – with great success. His app Remember Me has now been downloaded over a million times.

Rev. Peter Schaffluetzel, 42, is a pastor at a protestant Church in a small village in the higher regions of the canton of Zurich in Switzerland. As a pastor, husband and father of two boys he has long considered it a benefit to be able to recall encouraging or challenging words of God.

He tried several systems to get into the habit of Scripture memorization and ended up creating a new and modern “garment” for this ancient discipline: a smartphone and tablet app.

Studying computer science as a hobby for years equipped him for the varied technical challenges. Since submitting the app to the Google Play app market, he has continuously incorporated user feedback to help him to improve the app and make it what it is today – a Swiss Army knife for Scripture memorization supporting thousands of Christians across the globe.

Remember Me is a smartphone and tablet app with an intelligent reviewing system and a set of quizzes and games to tackle even difficult and long text passages in an entertaining way.

Just before Christmas, the Bible memory app Remember Me passed the milestone of one million downloads on Google Play. It is available for Android and iPhone/iPad.

Rev. Peter Schaffluetzel